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Experience the tropical sweetness of PH Buenas Coconut Sport Shredded Macapuno Strings! This jar of indulgence is like a taste of paradise in every bite. Made from hand-picked young coconut meat, shredded into delicate strings and preserved in a sweet syrup, it offers a delightful combination of soft texture and natural coconut flavor. Whether you're adding it to desserts, using it as a topping, or enjoying it straight from the jar, PH Buenas Coconut Sport Shredded Macapuno Strings is the ultimate treat that will transport you to a tropical oasis! More

Manufacturer: BUENASProduct code: 345 Shipping and Payment

Weight: 340g

Ingredients: Coconut Sport (Macapuno), Water, Sugar Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening.

Please note that the nutritional information and additional details for PH Buenas Coconut Sport Shredded Macapuno Strings can be found on the product packaging or obtained from the manufacturer's website.