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Experience the vibrant taste of orange in your desserts with Buenas Agar-agar Plant Gelatin. This 20g pack offers a vegan-friendly, seaweed-based alternative to traditional gelatin, perfect for jellies, puddings, and more.  More

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Buenas Agar-agar Plant Gelatin in Orange flavor transforms your culinary creations with its plant-based, vegan-friendly formula. Derived from marine red algae, this 20g pack of agar-agar gelatin is an excellent choice for those seeking a vegetarian alternative to traditional gelatin. Its unique gelling properties make it ideal for a variety of dishes, from vegan desserts and cheeses to jellies and custards. Agar-agar sets quickly at room temperature, making it a convenient option for both sweet and savory recipes. Its colorless, odorless, and essentially tasteless nature, except for the delightful hint of orange, ensures versatility in cooking, allowing you to enjoy the natural flavors of your ingredients. Perfect for those who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen or are looking for healthier, plant-based alternatives.

Agar-agar powder is known for its firm and brittle texture, setting at lower temperatures compared to traditional gelatin, and is celebrated for its ability to set acidic and alcoholic liquids effectively. It's important to dissolve the agar powder in water and boil it before use, ensuring it integrates seamlessly into your recipes. Store in a cool, dry spot to maintain its quality​​.

For possible usage, agar-agar is widely used in making vegan desserts like jellies, puddings, and custards, and it can also be used as a thickening agent in soups and gravies. Given its quick setting time and firm texture, it's especially useful for dishes that need to maintain shape outside the refrigerator.